Check Out The Woman Who Claims Victoria Beckham Took Her Place In The Spice Girls

2016-08-15 00:14:28Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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The Spice Girls could have been VERY different if they had kept the original Posh Spice in the group.

A woman has come forward and is claiming that Victoria Beckham took her place in The Spice Girls back in 1994.

Meet Mel Coloma, she was originally picked for an all girl band called Touch… but was dropped just a few weeks later after the management and band creators changed their mind.

Apparently her voice was just too good compared to the others in the band and they felt like she would overpower the rest.

The band Touch eventually turned into The Spice Girls after they decided they wanted a stronger name… and tbh good plan.

Mel Coloma was replaced by the one and the only Victoria Adams and she then became Posh Spice. Imagine if she did stay, there would have been three Mel’s.

Mel who is now 41 went on to sing on cruise ships with X-Factor winner Sam Bailey and performs in a wedding band called The Decanters on the weekends.

She recently revealed to The Mirror that it wasn’t until she saw the music video for Wannabe in 1996 that she realised what she had missed out on, “My first thought was that the video was bizarre… When Mel B’s face flashed up on the screen and everything fell into place. This was the group I’d so nearly been a part of. I’d assumed it hadn’t come to anything because it had been two years and I’d never heard anything about Touch. But here they were. I remembered Mel B because she looked so striking and she had the gift of the gab. I didn’t remember Victoria or the others because there were hundreds of us at the audition.

Mel was just 18 when she auditioned for the band… we can't help but feel for her, her life could be very different if she was chosen.

She also told The Mirror, “In a different life I could have been married a footballer, dressed in designer clothes and jetted all over the world. I had no idea then how close I'd come to being in the biggest girl group of all time. Instead, I'm working in the NHS.

But hey, everything happens for a reason and we don’t want to play favourites but we can’t imagine our lives without a little bit of Posh Spice.

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