Celine Dion Does Same Music Impressions Game As Ariana Grande, Kills It

2016-07-23 02:19:25Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

Nic loves both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. #buybadbloodonitunes

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Celine Dion appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, and she played the game 'Wheel of Musical Impressions'!

If you remember correctly, this is the same musical game that Ariana Grande did earlier this year imitating Celine - and the video went viral.

We had low expectations for Queen Celine... but she actually did really well!

Watch the video below... Celine gets Cher, Rihanna and Sia. Her Cher is SPOT. ON.

Wheel of Musical Impressions with Céline Dion

Jimmy challenges Céline to a game of random musical impressions, such as Sia singing "Hush, Little Baby."


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