Calvin Harris Revealed The REAL Meaning Of His Song & We Call Bullsh**

2016-09-17 01:01:06Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Yesterday we reported that the meaning behind Calvin Harris' new song 'My Way' was pretty darn clear...

But after our endless hours fuming and gossiping about Taylor Swift being the gal at the centre of the song's focus, we have all been delivered a slap in the face by Calvin... because the meaning behind the song has nothing to do with T-Swizzle.

In a recent interview Calvin explained that the concept for the song actually originated years ago, when he was stuck in a small town in Scotland trying to make music a living for himself and then realised there's a huge world out there for him to step into and explore.

Basically, it's about being stuck in a situation you think you cannot escape from. 

He also spoke to Ryan Seacrest about the track saying, "It could be a job that you hate, and then you quit the job then life is awesome. It could be about a relationship and you get rid of the girl or the guy then life is awesome. I think it's like an amalgamation of events in my life since maybe the past 10 years."

There's a lot of 'could's' in that explanation, Calvin... And we think the process to making life awesome has been oversimplified majorly.

Let's not also forget that he told the BBC this:

"I almost just don't want to say anything about anything because I know no matter what I say it's going to be linked back to some kind of event. Or something is going to be twisted and I just have no control over it so I'm just kind of over saying stuff at all.

We think Calvin should probably have a chat with himself as to WTF the song is really about.

His official statement on the song's meaning might be 'official', but come on Calvin... you're not fooling us.

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