Britney Spears Just Suffered The Mother Of All Wardrobe Malfunctions

2017-02-02 23:53:52Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Poor Britney Spears has suffered an epic and a half wardrobe malfunction while onstage in Vegas.

She was in the middle of performing Work B*tch, when her bodysuit decided to have a mind of its own… it literally slipped out of place exposing her whole left breast to the entire audience.

Of course, Britney being Britney, she had no idea it happened and kept dancing.

Or, maybe she did and held her head high like a true pro.

Because it’s 2017, everyone was filming the song and well… now the footage has gone viral.

There really is no one like Britney.

Image Credit: Godneybjs Twitter

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