Adele Is Coming To Australia, You May Now Freak The F#%! Out

2016-07-08 00:18:56Z
Nic Holland
Nic Holland

Nic loves both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. #buybadbloodonitunes

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Get your singing skills at the ready, because Adele just revealed she's going to come Down Under!

Adele is one of those singers we can relate to: she's down to earth, can have a laugh at her own expense, gives us hella on point songs to match all our emotions, and is an all around top lady. 

So the news that she'll be joining us in our land down under has us freaking the f#%! out!

The 27-year-old is has just kicked off the U.S leg of her tour and she revealed her plans for future shows in Saint Paul, Minnesota, saying she plans to add tour dates in Australia and South Africa... 

Hold up. She plans to add dates in Australia...

We can't contain our excitement, because our future holds an Adele concert. Our life is basically complete. 

Adele has been kicking up a storm with her successful tour, wowing fans all across the globe on her tour which already has 105 different dates/concerts attached! She's really got her work cut out for her and we're nothing but inspired!

Obviously her tour is already chocka block and considering she's got her little boy Angelo to look after we're going to be patient until she officially announces the tour dates, because a mum needs her prep and down time! 

He's just about to start school and we all know how stressful that can be, for the child and parent, because it's either like a) being stranded in a sea of kids you just do not want to talk to, because you'd rather be home watching cartoons, or b) feeling like you've just surrendered your child to a bunch of strangers who will change your child in ways you could never expect... 

So we'll be patient Adele. Very patient. 

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