7 Lessons You Can Learn From Craig David’s ‘7 Days’

2016-09-15 06:34:03Z
Julia Foskey
Julia Foskey

Digital Producer. Believer of all celebrity conspiracy theories. Most likely to be in bed by 9pm. Once kissed Harry Styles (on the cheek).

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7 Days by Craig David is one of our all time favourite RnB tunes – but it’s also a serious study in getting a relationship on track in just one week.

Here are seven relationship lessons you could learn from 7 Days.

  1. If a girl asks for the time, that’s the opening to ask her for a date.
  2. But make sure she’s keen, and check that she’d love to rendezvous. Don’t just assume!
  3. You should take her on a date as soon as possible. Craig met his girl on Monday, and took her out for a drink on Tuesday.
  4. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be making love by Wednesday.
  5. This isn’t a one night stand, so keep things going on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  6. Make sure to take some time to chill on Sunday.
  7. In conclusion, you never know who you’ll meet when you’re going for a walk to the subway.


Craig David is taking over RnB Fridays! Make sure you’re listening from 9am on Friday September 16 to see what he plays this week. 

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