6 Times We Wanted To Be A Part Of TLC

2016-09-29 06:09:19Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Having sold over 71 million records worldwide, TLC is the best-selling American girl group of all time. So... we found 6 times we seriously wanted to be in with the band. 
1. Just to be an extra in the Waterfalls video clip. 
That clip, which weaves two tragic narratives in with what was groundbreaking CGI technology at the time. How could you go wrong? 
2. When the girls were picking their outfits for the Scrubs film clip. 
These fashionistas were seriously gamechangers in everything fashion.
3. If only we could have gotten away with their EPIC fashion sense. 
4. That time T-Boz floated on that thingy.
Where can we get ourselves one of these cool mat things! 
5. We badly wanted to learn this choreography!
6. And the one and only T-Boz could have this HAIR!
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