5 Iconic Fashion Trends Our Favourite Old School Artists Slayed At The Time

2016-10-10 01:28:12Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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To celebrate the release of 'Old School The Album' here are some of the fashion trends that our fav old school artists absolutely slayed back in the day... that we TOTALLY forgot about! 

1. JLo - Jenny From The Block 


This outfit from JLo's Jenny From The Block music video, throw back to the early 2000's everybody! Actually... every outfit in this clip is on point!

Incase you may have forgotten! 


This fluff white beret, mesh tank ontop of a tank cross beige trousers is on fleek. 

2. Britney Spears - Hit Me Baby One More Time 


Black pleated skirt, tied up school shirt and grey cardigan this is iconic! 

This back to school outfit is an absolute go to! The countless times we've copied Britney's personalised school uniform... bring on the pink fluffy hair accessories! 

3. P!nk - There You Go 


A caramel fluffy fur coat and hot pink tank - total old school.

This outfit from Pink's  There You Go video clip. When matching hair and singlet tops collide! 


4. BackStreet Boys - I Want It That Way 


These really long jackets and baggy trousers that the Backstreet Boys flaunted in their I Want It That Way music video. Don't think we need to mention the fedora. 


5. Gwen Stafani - Hollaback Girl 


When Gwen slayed this marching band personalised bananas suit! 


Grab a copy of 'Old School The Album' from tomorrow, 14th October!

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