We Had No Idea These Aussie Stars Were In This Mary-Kate and Ashley Classic

2016-10-24 03:52:22Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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If you were born in the early to mid-ninties, you would have been old enough to worship Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Many women worship the twins now, with them being fashion moguls and all, but when they were younger, they were teen queens and made some classic movies. 

One of our favourite flicks is Our Lips Are Sealed, mainly because it's set in Australia.

For those who haven't seen this cinematic masterpiece, the movie revolves around twin sisters who are put into witness protection and moved to Australia to escape a mob.

The girls try to fit in at school and of course, meet boys.

Now we're on the subject of boys, what you probably don't know is that two of the boys in Our Lips Are Sealed, are now actually Australian television icons.

In the movie, the girls try to get in with the cool crowd and in the cool crowd, there is a boy named Donny (and apparently the girls didn't like him at all).

The actor who played Donny is Chris Foy, who came onto our screens as Matt, from the very first season of Blue Water High and later appeared in Dance Academy.

Even though Mary-Kate and Ashley badly want to be cool, they end up meeting a couple of surfer guys, who are actually waaay better for them.


One of those guys is Pete, played by Ryan Clark who isn't acting anymore, but is actually out at Bondi beach making sure you don't drown.

Yep, that's right Ryan is on Bondi Rescue, but you may know him better as Whippet.

We knew those Bondi boys were smooth, but Whippet is definitely the smoothest since he was hanging out with an Olsen twin at 17. 

Yes boys, just yes!

Image: Dualstar, Channel Ten, 

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