This Theory About The Elf Movie Is MIND-BLOWING!

2016-12-18 03:38:58Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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There have been a few fan theories flying around about a variety of movies.

Interconnecting characters and worlds have all been examined and explained and it looks like Elf, a Christmas classic, has some theories of its own.


One fan, only names Trent, thinks that the movies Elf and Step Brothers are related.

For those who haven't seen them or simply can't remember, Elf centres on an elf called Buddy, that's actually a human and Step Brothers centres on step brothers Brennan and Dale.

Will Ferrell plays both Buddy and Brennan in the movies and actress Mary Steenburgen, plays his step-mother Emily in Elf, and biological mother Nancy in Step Brothers.

Trent posted his initial theory on Twitter and yeah, it sounds plausible.

Other users did question him, though, as he explained.

“Some people responding to my theory tweet said: “Why would Emily get custody of Buddy when Walter (James Caan) is his biological father?” 

But he believes that the answer is pretty obvious.

“During the divorce hearings, Walter likely said Emily could have Buddy cause he didn’t want him in the first place and she clearly did want him. She’s more fit to be his guardian.”

So basically, Emily changed Buddy's named to Brennan and remarried, the producing the events that happen in Step Brothers


The theory has been retweeted over 5000 times and other users have even pointed out that not only are Buddy the elf and Brennan similar personality wise, the biological brothers they have in both films also look quite similar.



Do you think this theory adds up?

Image: New Line Cinema

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