This MAJOR Divergent Star Hasn't Been Invited Back For Fourth Film

2016-11-05 22:33:56Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Divergent fans have not been happy chappies of late, ever since the whole sh#@ storm started surrounding the fourth and final instalment in the series. 

News has gone from their not being a cinema released film at all, to it becoming a movie for television, to it being made straight into a spin-off series with new characters. 

The verdict for the time being is that the fourth film will be made into a movie for television with the same actors hoping to return and it then paving the way for a spin-off series, in the same way Shadowhunters was born from The Mortal Instruments film.

We'll say this, we are NOT happy that we won't get to see this on the big screen and hope the producers realise the mistake they're making. But there's something else we are not impressed with... and that is how one of the major characters has not yet been invited back for the final instalment. 

Miles Teller revealed to E! News that no one has contacted him in regards to the project. 

"I have not talked to anyone... We haven't filmed one in like a year and a half. My phone's not ringing for it."

Let's hope the company is just biding their time and that they aren't looking to replace key actors...

We know that Miles' character wasn't the most loveable one, but you can't have the series without MILES playing Peter. It's just not right. 

Fingers crossed that Lionsgate pulls it together and gives the public what it wants!

Image Credit: Lionsgate. 


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