There Is Something You Probably Haven't Noticed Yet About Hermione Granger

2016-10-14 05:35:51Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

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Hermione Granger is certainly not the character we would ever expect to have a secret hidden. However, her appearance as it was written in the books was definitely vastly different to the physical appearance portrayed on screen by Emma Watson

J.K Rowling wrote Hermione as being awkward and gawky-looking with big front teeth and bushy hair and big teeth... so not the Hermione we all know!

According to, Hermione's teeth were actually meant to play a bigger part of the character's story especially due to an incident that occured in one of the books.

"Hermione is hit in the face by a hex cast by Malfoy and her big front teeth grow even larger and Madame Pomfrey eventually has to shrink them. Hermione is thrilled because they ended up being a little smaller than they were originally so she gets to avoid wearing braces!"

Emma of couse as we all know has the perfect teeth and wouldn't have had chompers big enough to do that BUT Chris Columbus director of the first Harry Potter film actually wanted her wear fake teeth throughout the film?!

" Although that idea was scrapped, the fake teeth actually did make it into one scene of the film. The very final scene, where Harry bids farewell to Hagrid and Hogwarts as he, Ron, and Hermione climb onto the Hogwarts Express, was actually the first scene they filmed, and if you look carefully you can see Emma wearing fake teeth.

See for yourself!! We will never look at the film the same way!

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