The Story Behind Baby Dory Is So Damn Cute

2016-10-14 02:02:05Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Okay, so if you've watched Finding Dory, you probably remember a little (and adorable) part of the movie starring bub Dory

For those of you who just assumed that the little one was actually voiced by an adult who could put on a crazily convincing child's voice, think again! The role was, in fact, voiced by Sloane Murray, the seven-year-old daughter of producer Lindsey Collins

Speaking to Buzzfeed NewsLindsey said that she brought her daughter in to audition for the role, which was originally just meant to be one line: 

“We brought [Sloane] in, and she was just supposed to say, ‘Hi, I’m Dory, and I suffer from short-term memory loss.’ She was four and a half at the time, and that’s a mouthful. And so she says, ‘I suffer from short-term, bama-ma-memory loss,’ and everyone was like, ‘Done, cast! Exactly!’”


Other than the fact the adorable four and a half-year-old basically just took the role, ran with it and totally made it her own - Baby Dory's role grew, which meant recording went for near three years! 

"I tried to keep her as goofy as possible," Lindsey said. "Because that's who she is, she's a goofy kid." 

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