The Most ‘Overpaid’ Actor Of 2016 Has Been Revealed

2016-12-08 06:44:42Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Forbes has revealed which actors have been paid way too much in comparison to how much their films made. 

For the second year in a row, Johnny Depp has topped the list for most overpaid actor! 

The title is determined by how much money a film makes in comparison to how much the actor was paid, looking at an actor’s previous three non-animated films before June 2016. 

Johnny Depp drew in just $2.80 for every $1 he was paid! 

Following Johnny on the list is Will Smith and Channing Tatum, with Julia Roberts the only actress on the list coming in at number 9.  

Check out the top 10 -  

1. Johnny Depp – $2.80 for every $1

2. Will Smith – $5 for every $1

3. Channing Tatum – $6 for every $1

4. Will Ferrell – $6.50 for every $1 

5. George Clooney – $6.70 for every $1

6. Adam Sandler – $7.60 for every $1 

7. Mark Wahlberg – $9.20 for every $1 

8. Leonardo DiCaprio – $9.90 for every $1

9. Julia Roberts – $10.8 for every $1

10. Bradley Cooper – $12.1 for every $1

Images: Disney, Warner Bros. 

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