Someone Is Trying To Demolish The Iconic House From The Castle

2016-12-21 00:56:05Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Darryl Kerrigan taught Australia a very valuable lesson back in 1997, a man's house is his castle, but apparently not everyone got the message.

The current owner of the iconic house used to film The Castle, wants to demolish it to build a bunch of new townhouses.

Sound familiar?


The house, located at 3 Dagonet Street in Strathmore, Victoria, is considered a local treasure by the Moonee Valley City Council who are against the demolition proposal.

They are currently trying to save the house and are actively pushing to apply for a Heritage listing, because of it's cultural significance.

The owners have said that they will take legal action on the council if they choose to apply for a heritage listing so really, we're reliving the events of The Castle, in reverse.


We're hoping that the house remains standing, but we won't know what will happen to the place until at least next Tuesday.

Image: Village Roadshow 

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