Pokémon Go Just Went Next Level…There’s A MOVIE Being Made!

2016-07-14 00:29:13Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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We are all still trying to get our heads around the latest obsession of Pokémon Go… it has literally only been days since the craze went viral and now a movie is going to be made!

According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures are working hard to get the rights to the Pokémon franchise so they can produce a live action film

At this stage we have no idea what the movie would be about… but does it even really matter?

Legendary Pictures are also behind the films like Warcraft, Pacific Rim and Godzilla.

It’s believed that the company has been trying hard to get the rights to the Pokémon license since April. Now, since the Pokémon Go game has taken over the world they are pushing harder than ever to get the rights… and honestly who could blame them?


Just in the last couple of days, Pokémon has helped to increase Nintendo's overall value by $7.5 billion… and they are only a partial owner of The Pokemon Company.

Imagine owning the whole thing.

Brb dreaming of a life in a hammock.

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