Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games Co-star Has Completely Transformed Herself

2016-08-31 02:50:45Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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Seriously… where has the time gone!?!

We can’t believe that Willow Shields was only 10 years old in the first Hunger Games film when she played Primrose Everdeen the younger sister of Katniss... aka Jennifer Lawrence.

Willow has come a long way since her Hunger Games debut... so much so we don’t think you’d be able to recognise her now!

We remember her looking like this…

She's so young!

And this! 

You won't believe it she looks completely different now. Check it out!

OMG... What!?

And... she turned 16 this year!

Apparently... the hair snip was an easy decision for Willow as she already wanted to change up her look a bit to make just a little less easy for people to associate her with her Hunger Games character Primrose Everdeen

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