Get Ready To Lose Your Wands Over This Sexy Harry Potter Doppelgänger

2017-01-29 01:32:58Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We'll just state the obvious and say we're all Harry Potter die-hards, like you. 

We've had an amazing journey with the books and films over the years, and thankfully we haven't had to truly say goodbye to the wizarding world!

But if there every comes a time where we won't get any more doses of Harry Potter magic from J.K. Rowling or the film producers, then we might have found another source of the good stuff. 

Because we have stumbled across a Russian guy who looks exactly like our favourite boy wizard... 

Meet Nikoli Posleda, the new celebrity look-alike you will surely want to make your husband if you never want to let go of your Harry Potter obsession.

Nikolai is reportedly a merchandiser in the chocolate and cookie industry... so does this mean that Harry ended up getting a job at Honeydukes or something?!

We're pretty certain he uses his wizarding skill each night, casting a spell over all the ladies in town. 

Harry, we mean Nikolai, spoke to Russian website TJournal, saying, "[My friends first started to notice I look like Daniel Radcliffe] about five years ago.

"Most of the time people walk by and say to each other something like — wow — look, it’s Harry Potter! Sometimes they want to take a picture, but not too often, thank God. They don’t ask for my autograph, but a couple of times people have started speaking English with me.”

We can imagine being referred to as Harry instead of his actual identity can get a little annoying, but it's lead to him becoming the face of a fast food chain in his town!

So, Nikolai is basically Harry, he can cook, loves dogs, and there's one other important draw card that makes him perfect... He's a Potterhead!

But please, ladies and gents, think twice before booking a one-way ticket to Russia. We have no comment on if he's single or not.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. / Instagram @ anupliy.


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