Fans Are Hating On The New Jumanji Cast Photo

2016-09-22 04:03:36Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Not many people are liking the idea of a new Jumanji movie, for more reasons than one.

Many fans have been concerned that the new film, which stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, will not do the original justice and should not have even been pitched in the first place after its star, Robin Williams, passed away.

Dwayne has done his best to assure fans that the new Jumanji will be just as good as the original, but a new cast photo, that was relelased over Instagram, has put the film in hot water again.

The photo in question was posted by Kevin, celebrating the end of a successful shoot. The picture features all the stars of the new film including Karen Gillan, who was wearing shorts and a crop top.



Fans were outraged and flooded the comments section. Some people kept it simple, but others did not hold back.

This film just cannot catch a break! 

Dwayne Johnson defended the picture saying that Karen's costume will "make sense when you know the plot, trust me." 

Well, because filming has only just started, we'll probably be waiting a while for that.

Images: @kevinhart4real, TriStar Pictures

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