Emma Watson & The ‘Beast’ Have MAJOR Chemistry In This Sneak Peek

2016-09-05 00:01:39Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Emma Watson is everyone's role model/woman crush/style queen, and the chemistry with her Beauty And The Beast co-star is looking out of this world...

When we heard Emma Watson was going to be the Belle of our ball in Beauty And The Beast we were nothin less than jumping for joy, because, let's face it, she IS a Disney dream made into reality. 

The fact that Disney has made the decision to make a live-action version of their classic tale is obvs letting us all relive the giddish dreams of our childhood again, to escape into a beautiful alternate-reality away from our stressful lives. 

Everyone, no matter their age, loves a good ol' Disney classic. You're lying if you don't... or you just do not have a heart. 


The wonderful folks over at Disney have just released a teaser, giving us a look behind the scenes of the film in its production stages and we are loving it!

Yes, it's only about 50 seconds of dazzling footage, but that's enough to make our hearts feel pure again and we are definitely not complaining!

Oh and Emma as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast are absolutely perfect.

Seriously, their chemistry is lookin' out of this world and we can't wait to feel the goosebumps settle upon our skin when we watch them fall in love on screen...


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