Did You Know EVERY Adam Sandler Movie Is Linked?

2016-06-15 06:00:02Z
Sohan Judge
Sohan Judge

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Just like Quentin TarantinoAdam Sandler is a super genius and has been tricking us all!

If you've seen most of Adam Sandler's films and consider yourself a super fan - think again, because this guy is about to prove how well he really knows the films. 

Shawn Kohne first noted the connections when he realized a line from 50 First Dates was fromTommy Boy...and it was this realization that pushed Kohne to watch all of Sandler and HappyMadison's films.

That's right, ALL of them!

Now feast your eyes as this guy goes bonkers trying to explain The Sandlerverse - you'll definitely be impressed!

 How amazing was that?!

 Who knew that so many of his films were connected like this? It turns out that there are even more connections, according to Sandler's writer Tim Herlihy who tweeted back at Kohne.

 We are now going to dedicate our weeknights to finding the missing dots in The Sandlerverse, care to join us?


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