China Has Just Released A Shot-For-Shot Copy Of Mad Max: Fury Road

2016-11-26 23:40:09Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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The Mad Max movie franchise is the shining star of Australia's film industry.

Starting off with Mel Gibson, Max became a household name but when Mad Max: Fury Road was released, Tom Hardy blew him out of the water.

The movie ended up winning six Oscars back in February, which could have been the reason why Chinese filmmakers decided to produce their own shot-for-shot copy.


Beijing-based production company New Film Media are about to release their own Mad Max film called Mad Sheila.

The movie follows a woman who is being chased by a biker gang in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

Really, it's just Mad Max: Fury Road without Tom Hardy by the looks of things.

Director Lu Lei acknowledged the film's similarities in a post on Chinese social media site Weibo, saying, "Mad Max is the biggest winner at this year’s Oscars, our Mad Shelia salutes!"

As it turns out, Mad Max: Fury Road was not actually released in China, so instead of a rip-off, this may, in fact, be the country's way of bringing the movie to their shores.


Mad Sheila already has sequels in the works too, so maybe we should think about getting our own out first?

Image: Warner Bros Pictures

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