Channing Tatum Set To Strip Down In New Role… As A Sexy Merman!

2016-08-02 05:18:35Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

Hi, I’m Zoe! You might remember me from such entertainment sites as! I love Harry Potter, Survivor, The Simpsons, Disney, Beyoncé, Tim Tams and Pancakes. When I grow up I want to be Sandy Cohen.

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If there was one word to describe commercial cinema in 2016, it’s “remakes” and it’s just been announced that Channing Tatum will star in the next Disney reboot!

So, Disney has decided to remake 1984 mermaid romance film Splash, starring Tom Hanks.

We really wish we were there at that boardroom meeting when someone said “you know what we should remake next… Splash.” Like, what?

But yeah, why not?

What makes this new version different is that the aquatic babe will actually be played by Channing Tatum with his romantic lead played by his 22 Jump Street co-star and funny gal Jillian Bell.

We are VERY interested to see how this turns out!

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