Channing Tatum Drops FIRST Sexy AF Look At Magic Mike Live

2016-09-08 01:15:27Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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We all love us some Channing Tatum and we all love Magic Mike

Obvs for their very talented dancing skills and, you know, brains. 

So when Channing took to Ellen Degeneres' talk show to reveal the first sneak peek preview of Magic Mike Live, well, we jumped straight on top of it and couldn't peel our eyes away from our screens. 

Channing revealed that he wanted to make the show to empower women and take away the embarrassing factors of having to go to male revues, saying, "It's been going the other way for long enough now."

So being the stand-up bloke he is, Channing decided to "balance the scales" and bring the show to the women of the world. 

The preview of the show on Ellen got pretty darn raunchy and one audience memeber got a lap dance of her very own... 

We needn't say more, watch and try to keep your pulse under control...

What's even better news is that Channing could make some camoes! 

"I have no issues getting naked... So if I am ever in shape again, ever, ever, ever, then I am going to make tWitch come with me... and absolutely I am dying to do it."

Oh Channing, we love you whatever shape you're in!

Images: YouTube The Ellen Show / Warner Bros. 

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