Bridget Jones Cast Reveal Surprising Fact About The First Film

2016-09-15 07:10:54Z
Scoopla Team
Scoopla Team

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'Bridget Jones' Baby' has just been released worldwide and we can't believe that it's been 12 years since we've seen Bridget on screen.

The first 'Bridget Jones' film resonated with single ladies everywhere and gave us the best eye candy Britain had to offer. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth played bitter rivals in the original film who eventually ended up literally fighting for Bridget's heart.

The fight scene in Bridget Jones has become iconic and Colin Firth revealed in a recent interview with Buzzfeed UK, that the entire thing was improvised!

"Stuntmen were very little involved in that fight and this is because Hugh and I in rehearsals rebelled against the whole idea of a stuntman, who was there telling us how to do all this professional stuff, and there was a lot of, you know, testosterone in the room. And I just thought, Guys, the last fight we had was when we were 7 in a playground and whatever fight we have now is probably going to look exactly like that. "

"And so we’re two very, very angry, very frightened people wanting to hurt each other without getting hurt ourselves… So it was unchoreographed – that was just Hugh and I fighting like we actually would."

Although Colin and Hugh rebelled against the stuntmen initially, it was in fact stuntmen who flew through the Greek restaurant window, not the actors.

"No, they won’t let us do the window. Insurance gets all involved with that sort of thing."

Watch the fight below and relish in the fact that these guys are professionals at goofy fighting. 

 Images: Miramax

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