BRACE YOURSELF: ‘A Walk To Remember’ Reunion Could Be Happening

2016-09-14 22:36:37Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Guys look… we don’t want to alarm anyone, but it seems that Mandy Moore is just as ready as we are for A Walk to Remember reunion!

The movie was extremely popular back in the day and left us all in tears, and let's be real, even when we think about it now… we cry and cry and CRYYYY..

This coming January, it will be 15 years since the Nicholas Sparks novel came to life and Mandy wants to celebrate with her former cast members. (PLEASE)                                                                               

She recently told PEOPLE, "I feel like we should get together with as much of the cast [that] is around and see if we can finagle a social media picture or something like that…I think it'd be fun."

The 32-year-old is so keen that she has even reached out to her on-screen love, Shane West… who believe it or not is now 38... (When did we grow up?)

She also told PEOPLE, "I just reached out to Shane… We hadn't talked in years. So he and I were going back and forth, and I was telling him about the show and he was telling me about his show. We're going to try and get together one of these days."

Is there a petition we can sign to make this happen? Because like we are keen AF.

If you need a refresher... here's the trailer.. but grab some tissues before.

Image Credit: Warner Bros

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