Bella Swan’s Engagement Ring Just Sold For A Whopping Amount & It Proves Twilight Will Never Die

2016-11-24 03:20:31Z
Zoe Pana
Zoe Pana

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Say what you want about ‘Twi-Hards’ but those fans are loyal AF! 

We thought we might have to wait another year or two before Twilight became fun and nostalgic, but it may be back sooner than we thought.  

It’s always been kind of ‘cool’ to not like Twilight, but we say ‘to hell with that!’ Twilight was fun whether you were genuinely into it or laughing at it, so that’s what makes us love this story so much. 

Over the weekend there was a Twilight auction in L.A. that lasted 2 whole days, allowing fans to party like it was the late 2000s and bid on all sorts of props and memorabilia from the films. 

The price of one of the items sold, however, had everyone freaking out. 

Bella’s engagement ring was estimated to sell for around $5000. But we now know that fans are willing to pay a lot more to say they are engaged to Edward Cullen - a whole $16,800 to be exact!

Looks like it pays to be #TeamEdward … now where can we buy Renesmee, because that kid was cuuuuute. 

Image: Summit Entertainment

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