5 Facts Not Even The Most Die-Hard Space Jam Fans Will Know

2016-10-20 02:52:01Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

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Space Jam is one of those classic 90's feel-good films that brings us right back to our childhood everytime and with Warner Bros announcing a release of the film in selected theatres over christmas, we wanted to look at five fascinating facts about the most successful basketball film of all time.

According to news.com.au, these are some behind the scenes facts that you need to get your head around. 

1. Space Jam is the highest grossing basketball film of all time

Featuring Michael Jordan as a lead, it’s not hard to see why Space Jam is the best-performing basketball flick in box office history. Accompanied by Hollywood heavyweight Bill Murray, MJ helped Space Jam accumulate $230 million (A$300 million) over the Christmas holiday period in 1996.

2. The website still exists EXACTLY how it did in 1996!

Warner Bros. took the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to new levels with their site dedicated to Space Jam, which features a hilariously simplistic AOL website complete with Times New Roman font and a simple star-clad wallpaper as a backdrop.


3.Warner Bros. built a court specifically for MJ

When Michael Jordan says “jump” — you jump. Warner Bros. built the NBA superstar his own basketball court on set to keep him busy while in between shoots. Jordan made it clear he wasn’t going to be involved unless Warner Bros. installed the type of world-class training facilities he was used to. Enter: The Jordan Dome.

4. Danny DeVito made an appearance!

Danny DeVito shared his husky voice for Space Jam, playing the character of Swackhammer, who is the proprietor of the intergalactic theme park “Moron Mountain” who looks for fresh attractions to save his business.

5. LeBron James was almost going to star in a sequel

There were not-so-quiet rumours of the Looney Tunes gang hitting the court again, with LeBron James speculated as the new leading NBA star — but these ideas were quickly condemned by original director Joe Pytka. “Don’t do It. It’s doomed,” he said.

Looks like we will have to stick with the original for now... so let's jam!



Photo Credits-Warner Bros Pictures



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