STOP! You've Been Cleansing Your Face Wrong This Whole Time

2017-01-14 00:56:15Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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If you haven't already noticed, everyone is starting to pay more attention to their skin rather than their make-up.

In 2017, the natural look is overtaking the glam look and women are definitely going for the less is more approach to beauty.

But there's a catch.

With less makeup, your natural skin is on show, so getting that flawless complexion has become more important than ever. 

You probably use a washcloth, facial scrub or cleansing brush to clean your skin in the mornings. 

You may think that they're helping your complexion but unfortunately, they're only making it worse.


So we urge you to put away the Clarisonic and check out what the professionals are recommending for spot-free skin.

"I often find patients have bought and are using far too many products which makes their skin worse," Dr Christie Kidd, Kendall Jenner's life-saving dermatologist told Seventeen.

"Using anything abrasive on acne can increase inflammation, actually making it worse."

Kendall has been very vocal about her struggles with acne as a teenager and has said Dr Kidd was her saving grace. 


The dermatologist recently recorded a video for the model's app adding onto her comments to Seventeen.

"I never want you washing your face with anything abrasive.

"Not a scrub, not a rotating brush, not a washcloth. You want to treat it very delicately and just wash really well with your hands."


Dr Kidd says gentle cleansers, masks and oil-controlled moisturisers are the keys to a beautiful complexion.

There are, of course, a variety of products on the market in these categories, but as long as your picking a nice, gentle cleanser for your specific skin type, then you'll be in skin heaven!

If you're unsure about what you skin type actually is, check in with a dermatologist or even ask a specialist at your local pharmacy, because they'll point you in the right direction.

You ready to look as amazing san-makeup as Beyonce?


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