You Need These Futuristic Pet Products In Your Life

2016-10-10 01:20:19Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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So we don't exactly live in a Jetsons-like future, but there are some crazy gadgets out there and your pets are gonna love them.

We've found some new tech that will make your pet's life just that much better, so get out your credit card because you're gonna want to buy all of the things!

The first invention is Petchatz. It's a food dispenser that is also a two-way audio and video system. This was basically made so you can Facetime your furry friends whilst they're eating their breakfast.

Secondly, we have the Tailio litter box. This gadget will tell you about the health of your cat by monitoring it's weight, waste and elimination behaviours. 

And finally, don't you think your pup deserves a home of their own? Well Samsung do and so they created a Dream House for your pup so they can relax, play and even watch videos in their own place.

The house also has an automatic feeder, so it looks like people really want their pets to use automatic feeders now.

Astro would be proud. 


Images:, Tailio, Samsung UK, Hanna Barbera

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