You Might Not Want To Watch The Moment This GIANT SNAKE Drops Through The Ceiling Of A Restaurant

2016-11-13 23:05:20Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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You can run, you can hide, but it looks like we'll never be able to escape monster snakes.

We have some pretty deadly reptiles here in Australia and have found them in some weird places, but it looks like China has gotten a taste of the Australian reptile dangers.

A new video that has been posted online shows a massive snake making its way into a small restaurant through a hole in the roof.

The snake created the hole on its own but had help from the staff to come down to earth and slither out the door.

It's freaky as hell and with a monster this size, we have no idea how the customers would have felt watching it's decent.

Snakes on a plane and now in our restaurant roofs? 

They're everywhere!

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