Women Will Be More Likely To Cheat If Her Man Doesn't Do THIS

2016-11-21 03:03:06Z
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller
Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

A Girl Has No Name... But if you must know I'm Hayley, aka Numpty 'coz I'm a clutz. I'm a Scoopla content producer, actor, martial artist, and you'll often find me binge-watching Netflix with my partner.

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Cheating is not good. It is not nice. It is not to be condoned, ever.

Don’t break the heart and soul and love of someone who loves you.

Just don’t.


Now that we’ve made that very clear, there have been some unsettling research findings released that show the one thing men do which makes their woman more likely to cheat.

According to a French study of over 10,000 self-confessed unfaithful partners, over 73% of the surveyed women revealed they first turned to infidelity as a result of their partners not doing their fair share of helping out around the house.

Over 86% emphasised the intense frustration with their partner not helping out, and 84% admitted to countless arguments being centred around the unequal work.

Furthermore, 20% revealed that their sexual feelings had significantly decreased due to their male partner’s laziness.


We realise many would think it sexist if a man were to say he cheated for these reasons, but it’s not solely about the act of household tasks itself.

It’s about the effort put into a relationship.

If one person is pulling all the weight and the other doesn’t want to make the same commitments in their shared household and relationship, then of course problems are going to arise.

If you love the one you’re with, why not show it in every way you can and make them feel appreciated.

This goes for the guys and the girls.

It takes two to tango…

And one to burn. 


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