Women Spend How Much On Skin Care A Year!?

2016-11-27 02:24:01Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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If you look into your bathroom cupboard, you'll no doubt find a bunch of skin care.

From day and night creams, to make-up remover and serums, we all have a collection of products that help our skin glow every day, but did you know how much you're actually spending on skin care every year?


In the UK, Superdrug pharmacy (which is really their version of Priceline) surveyed 2000 women between the ages of 18 and 80 to determine how much money they spend on skin care.

The results showed that women spend around $30,198 AUD on skin care and make-up.


Around $15,981.30 is spent on make-up and $14,300.38 is spent on make-up removal and regular skin care.

At least now you know where all your money has gone.


Sarah Sharp, Head of Cosmetics at Superdrug, explained that a majority of the products women buy aren't lavish designer products either. 

She states that when the woman were surveyed, they mainly bought "the basics that assist with blemishes, dark circles, general skin problems and cleanliness."

So at least we're spending our money on the important stuff. 


Congratulations women, you know how to keep that skin flawless!

Image: @gemelizabethloves

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