Which Parent Should You Be Thanking For Your Intelligence?

2016-09-16 06:25:00Z
Phoebe Newling
Phoebe Newling

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There is new research available that tells us which parent you get your intelligence from... and it absolutely rocks everything we've ever thought before.


Research taken from the Psychology Spot website had many Mums agreeing when it mentioned a number of studies revealed that intelligence levels to genes inherited from Mother dearest. 

Apparently... many of the studies claimed that the genes which are linked to intelligence, sit on the X chromosome. This hypothesis can be taken futher claiming that since women have two X chromosomes they are twice as likely to inherit characteristics related to intelligence. 


Regardless, the newest research is linking you to your Mumma's IQ goes hand in hand with previous studies. In Scotland, one study involving a little of 12,500 young people, who have been interviewed yearly since 1994 showed the same thing. Despite differences in unbringings IQ levels came down to their lovely Mums! 


We must say though there is still debate about how true all this is. 


Well we guess Mum was right all along! 

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