We WISH We Could Dance As Beautifully As This Girl

2017-01-18 05:39:22Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Ballet dancers are poised, graceful and just plain beautiful to watch.

There is a myth that they are all supposed to be skinny as well.

But little Lizzy Howell is here to tell you that that is just a stereotype.

The 15-year-old ballet dancer will fouetté around you like it ain't no thang, any day of the week.

She shared a photo of herself practising her turns on Instagram and it's has gone viral because of how amazing it is.

turning monday¿ #ballet#turn#balletdancer#dancer#foutte

A video posted by Lizzy 🤘🏼 (@lizzy.dances) on


This girl is extremely talented and with almost 10 years of ballet under her belt, it's easy to understand why.

Call her fantastic and call her elegant, but Lizzy told Buzzfeed that under no circumstances does she want you to call her a "plus-size" dancer.

“If I can do everything that anyone else can, why should I be in a separate category?”



Lizzy now has over 43, 000 followers on Instagram and that number is rapidly growing.


She is also an ambassador for Dancing For You, which supports dancers with special needs.

“I have been told numerous times by teachers that I will get nowhere in the dance world if I do not lose this weight," she explained on their Instagram.

“Over the years I have learned not to care what people think!

“If people want to tear you down, let them and show them you can do it!”

Lizzy, we love you and look forward to seeing you dance when you hit the big time!

last day in the happiest place on earth😩

A photo posted by Lizzy 🤘🏼 (@lizzy.dances) on


Image: @lizzy.dances Instagram


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