We Know What Your Relationship Is Like Based On How You Spoon In Bed

2016-09-12 04:12:01Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Turns out that the way you and your partner choose to snuggle up at night says a lot more than what you two simply find comfortable. 

If you share your bed with that special somebody at the end of your tiresome day, there's nothing better than contorting yourselves into your favourite spooning position before you hit the hay. 


In most cases, we're sure it's the most comforting part of your day... however, it's about to be pulled apart and analysed by science. 

So, what does your sleeping position say about your relationship? 

The Classic Spoon:

While the classic spoon may seem like the most standard position, it's definitely not as popular a position as you'd think. Relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet conducted a study that revealed only a mere 18% of couples choose the Classic Spoon as their before-snooze cuddle. 

According to Dr. Sweet, this position creates a dynamic in which, "one partner takes a protective stance over the other." This theory goes hand in hand with that of body language expert Patti Wood's belief, who says, "It's a very vulnerable position that's sexual, but also says, 'I trust you,'". 

The Drifted Spoon:

This position tends to be more popular in longer-term relationships, around the time when getting a good night's sleep is more appealing than having your partner's breath in your ear all night. 

Despite popular belief, this doesn't necessarily mean you're drifting as a couple. It's more along the lines of the 'Desexualised Spoon', like "I love you babe, and I'm here for you... but I love sleep also." 

The Chase:

This one is much more one-sided than the Classic Spoon... Hence the name of the position. 

Another name it goes by is the "illegal spoon" - according to the author of Sleep Positions: The Night Language of the Body, Samuel Dunkell, they call it this because the "chasee" has retreated to the other side of the bed for a reason, they want space. 

The Cuddle Knot: 

This extremely uncommon sleeping position usually resembles one of two states in a relationship. Rather you and your partner have just started a romantic relationship together, or there are extreme emotions flying around in the bed (ie after sex or after you've just made up). 

However, psychotherapist Elizabeth Campbell notes that the small fraction of couples who maintain this position throughout their entire relationship may be too dependent on each other; almost having lost the ability to sleep alone. 

The Back to Back: 


Again, the meaning behind this position may come as a surprise to you - it actually shows a strong, healthy relationship. 

Dr. Sweet conducted yet another study that showed, couples who sleep facing opposite ways are "connected and secure in themselves. This position shows both closeness and independence in the relationship."  

 Almost 27% of couples claim to sleep in this position. 

 The Sweethearts: 


According to Dr. Sweet, this position is a popular within new relationships and rekindled ones. 

"There's a high level of trust here," psychologist Shirley Glass says. "[There's] a strengthening sense of comradeship and protection." 

The Hog: 


"One partner dominates the space, while the other takes a secondary role," said Dr. Sweet... So, in other words, is a big, selfish hog during nap time. 

Interestingly, the psychologist also said, the partner who places their head closer to the headboard tend to feel more dominant, whereas, those who find themselves with their heads further down and their feet off the end of the bed tend to be the more submissive one in the relationship. Couples who sleep with their heads side by side feel equal in the relationship. 

Is your night time cuddle position in here? Or do you and your partner sleep entirely differently altogether? Let us know! 

Photo credit: LittleThings.com 

This article originally appeared on LittleThings.com 

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