WATCH: Girl Thinks She’s Home Alone Until She Watched Back This Freaky AF Video

2017-01-18 03:33:55Z
Lucy O'D
Lucy O'D

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Picture this: you're young, you've got the house to yourself, you bust out the camera to record your mad lip syncing skills and, to your horror, when you watch the video back you realise you're not alone. 

Yes. Total nopes-ville. 

Well, that's exactly what happened to this girl whose video is sweeping and creeping the internet as we speak. 

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the girl's friend's cousin who said:

"My friends cousin was home alone one day making musical.lys. She had uploaded this and didn't realize what was in the background until she rewatched it later... it is on the right side of the screen, above her left shoulder. Right in the beginning of the video. The only pet they have is a cat."

Miss it? 

It happens within the first second of the video, just hit repeat and keep your eyes on the right of her head! 

So, what's the verdict, peeps? 

a) intruder? b) demon/ghost honing in on their prey, or c) hoax? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! 

Image credit: Sony Pictures Television/Community & MrBunnyFingers YouTube

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