WARNING: The Signs That Reveal That It's Time To Get Rid Of Your Boyfriend

2016-07-13 06:44:45Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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So we have all been there, the glistening early stages of a relationship , where cloud 9 is not just a figure of speech but a term you would you use to describe your constant state of happiness. However, what are the signs when you begin to realise that the world of love isn't just diamonds and rosé? 

Here are the telltale signs of behaviour that mean's it's time to trade in your man and say see ya later...

1. Lack of communication

Not filling you in on his plans, conveniently "forgetting" his phone on a night out, not replying to your messages and phone calls so you are left hanging for hours on end . 

2. Making You Feel Bad About Yourself

An absolute red flag if we have ever seen one! If you ever feel that a man is trying to deliberately put you down, insult or make you feel badly about yourself, then show him the door and shut it FIRMLY behind him. A hurtful and cruel partner is an absolute no-go for any relationship, the person you love should be always wanting to build you up not bring you down. 

3. When You Are Plan B

Just writing these words is grinding our gears! You should never be an afterthought to your significant other or made to feel that he is only spending time with you because he had no other options or plans. Everyone should have a healthy balance of friends and family to make up the time they spend in their personal life but you really should be a priority in your loved one's life and if you are not... well you know what to do!

4. No Interest In Your Life

Okay, so we understand that not every guy out there is willing to lend an ear to listen you talk about your best friend's single love life woes or your co-workers irritating habits, however not showing or expressing any interest in your life is an absolute red flag and the sign of a selfish partner. 

5. Jealous Jan

Constantly putting you or others in your life down in a negative and mean way? Jealous at you spending time with any individual other than yourself? Chances are your man suffers from serious self-esteem and insecurity issues. Whilst it's nice to have a little jealousy and concern in a relationship, when you see a pattern that keeps repeating itself... it may be time to assess your relationship.

6. Not supporting Or Standing Up For You

When a stranger or even one of his friends crosses the line and disrespects you, he needs to be right there, letting them know it's not okay.

7. Refusing to apologise when you two have a spat

That doesn't mean that you don't have to apologise, too, but nine times out of 10, both of you owe the other one an apology.

8. Shutting you up when you try to explain why you're upset

You should never feel like you can't talk to him about something he's done that hurt you.

9. Dictating what you're allowed to do

You should not feel like you have to ask for permission every time you want to go somewhere or do something. Spending the day with your girlfriends is a right you have, not a privilege your boyfriend grants you.

10. Going a whole day without saying “I love you”

It's the small things that really count and this detail is definitely an important one and never to be forgotten!

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