Virgin Australia Are Helping Save Abandoned Dogs

2016-08-26 04:19:44Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Virgin Australia have just teamed up with Jetpets and will now offer to fly rescue dogs across Australia to meet with their new owners for free.

They took to their Facebook page to share the news... and of course everyone is onboard with the idea.

The new change will see Virgin get in contact with different animal welfare groups including PetRescue. They will then work together to help connect rescued or abandoned dogs with new owners interstate.

The first dog has already taken his free flight, flying from Melbourne to Sydney. Rough Collie Lallee is now in the safe hands of his new owner Raymond Willmott.

Founding director of PetRescue, Vicky Davy said that this new change would “literally save the lives of thousands of pets. We often have pets who can’t find homes in their own area, and being able to transport them to a new area will save their life. It opens up the whole country to find new homes and give the pets a second chance.”

In the future this will open up a lot of options for other animals across the country.


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