Australia Here's How You Can Get Free Breakfast This Weekend

2016-10-21 04:06:01Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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So you've heard that apparently our cravings for smashed avocado are what's keeping us from being financially stable.

It's a theory that has just totally flipped our culinary world on it's head because really, we NEED avocado. It's just a fact.

The health benefits of a good avocado are endless, so how could it become such a burnden on our precious bank accounts?

Well everyone, you can now relax, because UberEats are going to save us all.

The company will be offering free smashed avocado across Australia this weekend!


In a statement, our new superheroes explained, "Millennials, we support your right to a guilt-free brunch! That's why we've teamed up with some of your favourite restaurants from across the country to deliver you fiscally responsible (i.e. free) #SmashedAvo, without the side order of #SmashedDreams"

To get yourself some free smash you just need to open the UberEATS app, select your location and type #SmashedAvo into the search bar to see where they can grab your smashed avocado.

If you enter the 'SMASHEDAVO' promo code, you'll get $20 off your first order meaning, that any smashed avocado you order under $20 will be completely FREE!


This offer runs out on Sunday, October 23 so if you need an avocado fix, but want to save your funds, let UberEats bless you with some.

Image: eatloveshare


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