Twins Who Spent $250,000 To Become 'Identical' Now Reveal They Regret It All

2017-01-23 23:15:28Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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Well, talk about a hard way to learn a lesson… Perth twins, Anna and Lucy DeCinque who spent almost $250,000 on plastic surgery to become identical are now having second thoughts!

Anna and Lucy DeCinque became pretty well known across Australia after they revealed that they were undergoing their unique transformation.

The girls have had a number of lip filler injections; breast implants, tattooed eyebrows and tattooed eyeliner. They have also spent money on all different skin and body treatments including IPL and microdermabrasion, all the attempt to have that ‘perfect’ image.

Anna and Lucy who share a boyfriend, have since revealed to New Idea magazine that they actually “regret it all” and now have big plans to spend even more money return to “a more natural and healthy” look.

They told the magazine, “What we thought was pretty... we find ugly now.”

Sadly they have actually been struggling for some time after being diagnosed with body dysmorphia and have been taking antidepressants to help gain a better perspective of their natural image.

Lucy added, “We're ashamed about what we did to ourselves, but we're owning it and embracing our diagnosis.”

Even though they are both working hard to get back to their original selves, they are stull finding some things pretty difficult…  if one of the girls has just one pimple they won't leave the house.

The twins and Ben recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary!

We are so glad they are starting to see the true beauty within their natural selves.

Image Credit: Annalucydecinque Instagram


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