Turns Out Your Favourite Teen Magazine Gives More Reliable Health Advice Than Other Health Magazines

2016-11-21 05:58:44Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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We've all been there. Buying a large pile of health magazines to help us shed the extra kilos and motivate us to be fit and healthy, but we're about to blow your mind with this new study.

The University of Newcastle examined a variety of health advice given out by Australian magazines between July and December 2011 and it turns out that the most reliable magazine for health advice, is the magazine you bought when you were 15!

Dolly Doctor has been found to give out the most reliable health advice with their fact being the most accurate.


The study was published in Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. and states that "Australian magazines, especially those with health in the title, generally presented poor quality, unreliable health advice. "

"163 health advice articles were rated showing a wide variation in the quality of advice presented between magazines.

"Magazines with ‘health’ in the title, rated most poorly with only 36% (26/73) of these articles presenting clear and meaningful advice and 52% (38/73) giving advice based on reliable evidence."

Dr. Amanda Wilson, one of the authors of the study stated that "This magazine (Dolly) provided excellent examples of ethical ways to deliver health advice."

So maybe we should all be grabbing Dolly off the newsstands again?

Image: The Oz Blog

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