Trying For A Baby? Here's Why You Should STEER CLEAR Of Liquorice

2016-11-10 23:52:08Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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A new study has been released advising women who are hoping to get pregnant to stay away from liquorice.

The study was conducted by the University of Illinois and just confuses us quite a bit. 

The sweet contains an ingredient called isoliquiritigenin that interferes with hormones and can diminish estrogen levels. 

In simpler terms, basically liquorice wreaks havoc on your fertility and throws your hormones all over the place, making it harder to fall pregnant.

So what's confusing about it? 

Women have been urged to drink liquorice tea to combat estrogen deficiency during menopause, so if it can dimish estrogen levels, how can it increase them during menopause?

"In general, when you start to have lower hormone levels, you could start to have problems with reproduction," Professor Jodi Flaws, who conducted the research, said. 

There is a silver lining in all this though. Previous studies have shown isoliquiritigenin can help fight off some cancers.

"This could lead to a good outcome in certain tissues, depending on dose and timing of exposure."

So chow down on some liquorice sometimes, but maybe distance yourself if you're hoping for a bub in the future. 

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