Trolls BEWARE Instagram Is Having NONE Of Your Cr*p With This New Feature

2016-12-06 23:20:29Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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The internet is a place where, unfortunately, trolls like to attack people for the smallest things.

Social media is great if used properly, but there's always someone out there who is happy to ruin the fun by making someone feel horrible about a Facebook status or a photo on Instagram.

Well trolls, Instagram is officially done with you.

The app has introduced three brand new features that will help fight online harassment one comment at a time.

From today, you'll be able to turn off commenting on individual posts, remove followers from your account and like other people's post comments. 

Nobody likes to have rude comments on their posts, so if you're being subjected to this cr*p on one of your photos, you can disable the commenting button either before or after you post by using the Advanced Settings.

The comment button will disappear and so no further comments can be made on that particular photo.

Instagram are aiming to create a welcoming and accepting platform of self-expression and say that comment deletion is just one way of making the app safer for users.

"Instagram cares deeply about free expression - we are first and foremost a platform for visual communication.

"But expression takes different forms for different people - some people will feel comfortable using any of the several tools we provide to manage comments, while others may at times feel a need to let their posts stand on their own."

This is also where the follower removal tool comes in. 

When creating an Instagram account you can choose to make your account either private or public.

If your account is private and you have a follower that is not acting appropriately, you can now delete them from your account.

"For those who choose to approve who sees their content, we want to make it easier to control that choice long-term."

And lastly, just like Facebook, users can now like other comments that have been made to show support to fellow users, as a means of solidarity.

"Across Instagram, likes are an easy and lightweight way to give feedback and show support. The community has been asking for the ability to like comments and we're excited to offer another way for people to connect."

Instagram has been upgrading quite a lot throughout 2016, but these changes are definitely for the better and are there to help everyone across the globe feel comfortable whilst using social media. 

Image: Time


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