This Woman's Perfect Disney Princess Engagement Will Make You Jealous AF

2016-09-23 05:07:17Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Every girl wants to be a Disney Princess when they are growing up and this woman has definitely made her childhood fantasy a reality, as she created her own Disney-Themed engagement shoot!

Brooke Lowry, recently ended her engagement with her fiancee but she told BuzzFeed News that wasnt going to deter her from her dreams of having a "vintage 1950s" engagement shoot at Disneyland".

Despite the heartbreak of her engagement ending she said she was “incredibly disappointed, heartbroken, alone, scared, embarrassed, and rejected."

She even considered cancelling the shoot but then remembered why she wanted to do the shoot so much in the first place and decided to persererve.

“These women are kind even when others are not,” she said. “They are loyal and compassionate, inclusive and accepting, elegant and discerning, dreamers and doers. They look for the best in others, they bring honor to their families, and they work hard and stay true to themselves.”



Good on Brooke for living out her dreams despite difficult circumstances, we are sure she will find her Prince soon!

Photo Credit-Dark Photography

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