This Woman Only Painted One Nail And The Internet Is LOSING It!

2016-11-30 01:04:15Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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Painting your nails is a common beauty pastime.

Every woman has done it at least once in their lives but these days, some women will strategically paint one or two nails for a specific purpose, you've just never noticed before.

Twitter user @rileylaine15 shared a photo of a cute polaroid of her and her boyfriend. At first, you'd think she just had painted nails but her boyfriend called her out on painting just her thumb for the photo.


She then decided to post both the picture she painted it for and a picture of her hand, with the lonely purple nail, on Twitter admitting to the world how embarrassed she was.

Some would have thought this was silly but guess what internet, it turns out everyone done this at least once.

Riley was flooded with replies to her tweet of other users admitting to doing the same thing and calling out their own friends for it as well.




All in all, this tweet is all of us trying to look fab but getting too lazy to fully commit.

Now next time you decide to wear a peep toe shoe and only paint the nails people can see, you know that every other girl you meet has probably done it too.

Image: @rileylaine15

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