This Woman ACTUALLY Dropped Five Dress Sizes In A Year Using Just Her Mind

2016-10-06 23:09:17Z
Harriet Armstrong
Harriet Armstrong

Harriet is a Digital Content Producer for Scoopla.

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Getting your body into shape for summer is high on the priority list for most of us, let's be serious we want to make sure we are filling out those bikini's and be in the best shape we can!

However, easier said than done right, ladies?! Losing weight is a struggle for most of us and let's be honest we are looking for any way that will make it easier! Heather Jones, a 38-year old woman who hails from the UK may have just done that...

Telling her story to, she reveals how she dropped five dress sizes in less than a YEAR!

After gaining weight over several years when her partner died of cystic fibrosis tragically in 2009, she turned to food for comfort but before long the comfort had turned into an obsession with eating and took its toll on her health.

“For so long I never thought cystic fibrosis was going to kill him, but it did, and for about a year I was very depressed. I didn’t get out of bed for about 12 months. Kriston was such an amazing, positive force in my life that I didn’t know how to go on.”

She then decided she needed to make changes to her lifestyle when she discovered a method called the Emotional Freedom Technique, which basically uses the theory of alternative medicine to make people think differently about their health.

“Some cynics may be sceptical, but I really did this all with the power of my mind. I literally thought myself thin. Our thoughts are so powerful and I feel so amazing now."

She said it was originally a massive struggle to cut out sugar and other addictive foods in her life. 

"I’d think, ‘even though I want this drink or this chocolate biscuit, I do also love myself,’ and then tap certain areas of my body to calm my brain. After a few minutes of doing this, I no longer had the cravings."

It was literally within a few months that she started seeing results...

"It was effortless and I felt so powerful. My thoughts, habits and behaviour were completely changed, before I would be thinking, ‘I’m so overweight, I hate how I look’, but that changed completely."

"I felt happy with the way I was and I changed my relationship with food. Now I eat, drink and think differently and because my thoughts have changed, I am motivated to exercise so much more too."

Well as the old saying goes, mind over matter! It really is your most powerful asset. We think she looks great and hope she continues on such a great path!

Photo Credit-Facebook/Heather Jones

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