This Plane Caught In The Wind Will Make You Happy Your Flight Was Delayed

2016-10-04 02:11:55Z
Carly Heading
Carly Heading

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It’s no secret that the Aussie weather has been a tad wild lately...

Quite a few flights have been delayed and this video is about to make you extremely thankful thank you’re running a little bit behind your schedule.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and shows the plane attempting to land at Birmingham International Airport.

Everything is going well until it gets caught crosswinds and it knocks the plane off balance, which then forces the pilot to pull up right before landing…

And it is one big giant NOPE!

And then there’s this video from a couple of years ago of a plane trying to land at Hamburg Airport.

WARNING: this might put you off flying forever and ever.

Image Credit:  Flugsnug/ Youtube

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