This New Water Study Has Got Us Totally Confused

2016-10-13 00:48:21Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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We've all been told from a very young age that drinking water is an essential part of staying healthy. 

Drinking as much water as we can throughout the day is supposed to be the key to losing weight, keeping our skin clear, staying hydrated and ensureing our body continues to work as it should.

But what if someone told you that it was healthier to only drink water when you're thirsty?


Confused? Us too. 

A new study, conducted by Michael Farrell, of the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University and his collegues, has revealed a mechanisim in our bodies that make it harder for us to drink excess water.

To conduct the study, a team monitered people's drinking habits right after exercise, when they were thirsty and later in the day when they weren't thirsty at all.

As it turns out, the participants found it harder to swallow water when they weren't thirsty.

After also using functional magnetic resonance imaging on each participant's brain, it showed that the right prefrontal cortex was a lot more active when someone had to make an effort to drink. 

So basically, this study proves that science has been telling us to drink WAY too much water and we should just trust our gut?

Our resident health gurus, the BUF Girls, say that trusting your gut is good as long as you don't drink too little.

"Water is very important... trust your thirst and don't overdo it but drinking too little is as bad as too much and we are not all elite athletes so for happy skin and energy make sure you're drinking between 5-10 glasses a day"

Science, you're way too indecisive!

Image: Eco2Tech

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