This New Trend Will Make Your Holiday Parties Fancy AF

2016-11-10 01:50:19Z
Lauren Payne
Lauren Payne

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As December gets closer and closer, you will all no doubt be startng to decide who is going to be throwing the annual Christmas and New Years Eve parties. 

If you end up becoming host for the evening, we have a very fancy new trend that could make your party the most memorable.

We've seen flowers in lollipops and in lipsticks, but this party season, why not put them in your ice?


Placing these pretty creations in your ice bucket will make your champagne look extra expensive and add a much-needed summer feel to the evening.

Look what my fwiend made! She so talented!! @paulinemorrissey #stylequeen xx #prettythings #alchamahol #floralicecubes

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@bloomnation projects FTW #flowers #floralICEcubes #bloomnation #summer #VSCOcam

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How do you make them?

All you need is a large ice tray and a bunch of your favourite flowers.

First, place the flower petals face-down in the tray and pour water in the mould until it's one third full, this is to prevent the petals from floating away.


Place the tray in the freezer and once the first section of water has frozen, pour in the rest of the water and place back into the freezer.

If you want to make sure that your ice cubes freeze clear, boil the water and wait until it cools before pouring it into the ice tray mould.


Ready for the most colourful party season ever?

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